This piece is called "Phylum Cypher" what do you decipher?
This artwork was created using a high resolution photograph of a Phylum of Pteridophtyes.. .
The symmetry in this piece is enchanting and peaceful at the same time. When I am gazing into this piece I feel like I am peering into a portal. It brings me into a rain forest and I can breathe again. Deep breathes. I gaze into the centre and breathe and soon enough I am feeling relaxed and grounded 🙏💚


My intention is to have a positive effect on the people that own or view my art. The symmetrical geometry, beautiful radiant colours and diverse textures in these focal pieces draw the attention of your eye and can act as a tool for grounding, relaxation or meditation. I believe that this sort of artwork would work well in many environments that could benefit from its calming effects. Libraries, schools, office spaces, yoga studios, hospitals - and especially at home!


- Reflection From Within 


The image used to display this product is a mockup. The actually printed canvas you will receive will include this whole design although it will be stretched around the edges. you will not see the outer area of our design on the front of the canvas. instead it will be printed around the sides of the canvas. 

Phylum Cypher - Printed Canvas