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  • Our Patterned Face Masks will definitely turn heads with their unique geometric designs. These Face Masks are multipurpose! They can be worn as a face mask, headband, dread wrap, scarf, ski mask etc.. They stay up by themselves! They are easy to breath through and lightweight. Perfect for a dusty dance floor! or helping reduce the spread of germs.


    Our Face Masks are made using a technology known as sublimation printing. A process that heats up the dyes into gas form and then cools them down to solid form to bind with the fabric. This produces a photo quality print and ensures long lasting and vivid colours. These prints will not fade easily which means you can wash your new mask many many times before there is any signs of wear and tear. We hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed designing them! Vibe High. Feel Fly.

    Marley - Face Mask

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